Success Stories for Veterans

Hired Veterans at Bristol

Some of the success stories are past and present hires at Bristol. They come from all branches of the military. Their experience and leadership skills have made a great impact to the growth and progress to our organization and overall operations.

Bristol, as a veteran-owned organization, knows first-hand the transformation from military to civilian. This life-changing event may be challenging for some and easier for others.

Each story’s outcome is unique and there isn’t a right or wrong path for each person’s circumstance.

We highly encourage and recommend our associates to share their story.

From hearing, seeing, and experiencing this change company-wide and on personal levels for many of us, we have found that being an example for others leads to the betterment of all.


Charles Swinesburg


As a Personnelman in the Navy, Charles was later hired as an Account Manager for our Seattle branch.

“I transitioned from the Navy and into finance at the beginning of 2004. From 2005 to 2010, I worked at a few companies from a financial analyst to finance manager.

One day in 2010, I found myself out of work like many other people. I was not use to this and struggled. Bristol offered me what I was looking for with a remote opportunity. I’m able to enjoy retirement now. I still work when with my legacy accounts, clients that I had when I first started, but no longer take on new ones.”


Casey McNelly


Casey previously served in the United States Army as an E-6 Infantryman and was hired as an Operations Specialist.

“I was medically retired from the Army after 12 years. I didn’t like that I was forced to rediscover a new life I thought I could never have.

Though retired, I was young and still ready for action. Something that I could no longer do.

A friend of mine gave me a book that changed my life called “The Art of Business”. It was suggested that we read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. My life made sense, now that I had relatable reference. The book gave me the clarity that I needed in my clouded world.”

Inspire Others with Your Story


Harry Rollins


Harry was hired as a Human Resources Supervisor in our Charlotte, North Carolina branch. He had served in the Army as an E-8 Recruiter.

“I separated from the Army with 20 years of service. When I beganĀ searching for jobs and overwhelmed by resumes, requirements, physical and computer applications, and different advice from many recruiters, I was 100% exhausted and wanted to give up.

During a low spell, a received an email from Jessie, a saleswoman, that was going to be in the Charlotte area and wanted to meet over lunch. She told me that my resume was floating around the office and an HR need arose in the area.

We had a great 2-hour lunch. I was hopeful, but continued beating my same drum. A received a call from Jessie three days later and accepted theĀ  position.”


Tina Morrow


Tina served in the Marine Corps in the infantry division many years ago right after high school. There were many years between her service and starting with Bristol, but her experience and determination continues to influence her daily as she crunches numbers in the accounting department.

“It’s been many years since I was in the military, but I can never forget the experience. I was very young when I joined, but wouldn’t change it.

The Corps made me a stronger person than I could have ever been without it. It molded me to be who I am today.”


Carl Dickson


Carl was an E-4 Infantryman in the United States Marine Corps before coming onboard with Bristol as a District Operations Manager in Colorado.

“After four years of service in the Corps, I separated from the military in 2006. I’ll never admit how tough it was with the personal and internal struggles I faced.

Fortunately, through people that I knew, their network, and support, I was able to acquire a job as an Account Manager. Bristol understood the struggles that I was facing and supported me throughout my transition. It was hard, but I pulled through. I progressed in the civilian business world and eventually rose above it all. I eventually become a District Operations Manager.”