Employee Verification

Bristol will verify employment and income verifications, but it is the employee’s responsibility to authorize the release of their information to verifying organizations.

Employment Verification and Income Guidelines

Income verifications and/or employment may be necessary when applying for a mortgage, personal loan, banking, leasing an apartment, establishing credit, or other instances where proof of current employment or income is required.

For wage and employment verification, please call 1-855-274-4556 or email

  • All requests for personnel information about current and/or past employees are provided by Bristol Facilities HR Services or its authorized agents.
  • A request made through email or phone may need written request to be released, depending on requested information, security protocol, and/or a case by case.
  • It is Bristol’s policy to protect the security and confidentiality of our personnel’s sensitive data for ALL employees – past and current.
  • Bristol reserves the right to accept or deny releasing information.
  • In some cases, Bristol may need authorization from a past employee to release personal information.

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