Facilities Management Services for Hospitals

Bristol Facilities offers a wide range of tailored environmental services critical to patient well-being and recovery.

Environmental Service Programs with Bristol Facilities

Hospitals are intended to be centers of healing, places where patients can come to obtain the expert care they need to recover from illness or injury, receive diagnostic testing, or bring a new life into the world. Most people within the walls of a medical facility give little thought to the myriad of duties required to keep it running. They simply want a well-maintained hospital that is clean and comfortable.   

For those who do think about the logistics required to keep the lights on, the floors swept, and the cafeteria fully staffed, it can be truly overwhelming. At Bristol Facilities, we understand the frustration of having to dedicate extensive amounts of time, effort, and money on non-clinical departments when you would rather focus on making sure patients have the best possible medical care.

Of course, food and environmental services play a critical role in a patient’s well-being. We understand that highly specialized services are required to ensure your hospital is orderly, safe, and above all, hygienic.

If you are looking for a company to partner with to keep your hospital in the pink (and the black!), Bristol is the smart choice.

Our environmental service (EVS) programs are designed to reduce costs and improve day-to-day facility operations while suppressing the spread of germs and healthcare-associated infections (HAI).

Your Benefits

  • A full range of customizable services
  • Partnering with an experienced company that always puts its clients first
  • Options for both single or integrated facility services
  • Immediate company buy-in from our team
  • Solutions and services based on Lean principles

Our Services

  • Environmental services
  • Energy audits
  • Janitorial & porter services
  • Grounds-keeping and landscape maintenance
  • Operation, mechanical, and maintenance services

What We Do For Your Hospital

At Bristol Facilities, we provide tailor-made single or integrated facilities management services for hospitals large and small. As a fully integrated partner, we’ll work with you to continue to meet your high standards of patient care by performing the duties needed to maintain a clean, hygienic environment for all.

We have decades of experience supplying janitorial, and maintenance programs to single hospitals, or networks, that are either publicly or privately owned. We’re ready to put our expertise to work for you.

Running a hospital is a monumental undertaking. Your doctors, nurses, staff, patients, and visitors expect and deserve a high level of comfort and quality care. We’ll do our part to make sure you fulfill their expectations of excellence by providing outstanding facilities management solutions.

Why Do Hospitals Select Bristol Facilities?

  • Our trained and multi-skilled teams place a high priority on productivity. 
  • There’s nothing cookie-cutter about our programs. We customize our services to perfectly suit your hospital’s unique needs Bristol Facilities Company_Website Healthcare
  • We are constantly looking for new ways to optimize our services, but only after careful consideration. For a new strategy to be implemented, it must both improve quality and lower costs   hispanic man wearing a bristol shirt working in a facility looking over an order n a clipboard
  • We’re nimble enough to quickly adjust to changing situations, so you can be confident our services will always meet your needs
  • Our team of seasoned professionals has the experience necessary to maintain peak efficiency without sacrificing quality 

Hospitals’ Experience Enhanced


Bristol Facilities is the company of choice for hospitals seeking environmental services.

Let’s work together to provide the best experience possible for your patients.