K-12 Schools and Districts

Facilities Management Services for Schools & Districts: K - 12

Bristol Facilities provides a diverse set of scalable facilities management services that can grow as your schools and their campuses expand.

We Understand the Challenges of Keeping Schools Running Smoothly

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There’s no denying that schools and school districts are under constant scrutiny. Parents and politicians alike expect educational centers to perform better year after year, even with budget cuts and stricter testing for the student body. At Bristol Facilities, we understand that meeting these expectations entails far more than books and blackboards. It requires an environment that’s conducive to the learning process. And that’s where we come in.

Bristol can provide the services you need to keep your school or school district running smoothly so you can focus on providing the best education possible for your students. Whether you need janitorial services, cafeteria staff, facility engineering professionals, a landscaping crew, or some combination of these, we can tailor a program that will perfectly suit your needs.

With decades of experience in the facilities management industry, our staff has a firm grasp on what it takes to ensure schools are safe, clean, and orderly. We work closely with our partners to make sure educators always have the resources they need to satisfy their students’ hunger for knowledge – and lunch! And, when your short-term facilities management requirements change – as they do during holidays and summer breaks – our programs are flexible enough to quickly adjust to handle new between-semester duties such as pressure washing exteriors, restriping parking lots, and more.

No matter what level of service you require, Bristol is the company to partner with for all your support needs. When it comes to facilities management for schools, we’re at the head of the class.

Your Benefits

  • Flexible programs that can be quickly adapted to meet changing needs
  • Having an experienced staff of professionals you can rely on day in and day out
  • Single or integrated facility service options
  • Company buy-in from our personnel for seamless integration into your work environment
  • Strategic solutions and services based on Lean principles

Our Services

  • Janitorial and environmental
  • Landscape and turf maintenance
  • Operation, mechanical, and maintenance
  • Process improvement consulting
  • Cafeteria services and management

What We Can Do For Your School

At Bristol, we can provide facilities management and support services for either single schools or entire school districts.

We offer janitorial and maintenance programs for elementary, middle, junior high, and high schools in both public and private school systems.

Your staff, students, parents, and community expect your school campus to be a place that facilitates the learning process rather than hinders it.

We share their view and will tailor our services to perfectly suit your needs. We’ll focus on keeping your school in tip-top shape so you can focus on teaching.

Bristol Facilities is a partner you can always depend on.

Why Do Schools Select Bristol Facilities?

We know every client has unique needs and that a one-for-all approach to facilities management services does not provide the personalized attention our partners deserve. That’s why we are committed to offering services that are:    

  • Flexible – Support duties often change, especially in schools. We can make nimble adjustments to ensure a seamless transition to any new situation.
  • Customizable – We do our homework when it comes to understanding your school’s facility management needs. This allows us to tailor our services to perfectly suit your specific requirements.
  • Efficient – Productivity is a top priority for our team. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve performance, enhance safety, and maximize efficiency.
  • Innovative – New approaches can make a big difference when it comes to smoothing out some of the wrinkles in maintaining a school campus. But change for change sake is counterproductive. We look at both sides of the innovation equation and implement new policies only when they enhance quality and lower costs.

Ensure Your School Is Always Conducive for Learning

Bristol Facilities is the company schools and districts turn to for first-class facilities management services.

Let’s work together to give your students an educational experience that’s always an A+.