Facilities Management Services for Colleges & Universities

Bristol Facilities has extensive experience providing comprehensive facilities management services for colleges and universities. Let us customize a program for your institution.  

We’re a Partner You Can Count on Inside and Outside the Classroom

In some ways, a college or university is like an iceberg. Poking above the waterline are the facilities the public is most familiar with, the lecture halls and classrooms where professors educate the next generation of scholars and leaders. But just out of sight is a sprawling complex of administrative buildings, dormitories, cafeterias, parking garages, and other areas that are vital for the support of an institution’s primary educational responsibilities.

At Bristol Facilities, we have a PhD-level understanding of the myriad duties required to keep a campus running smoothly. If you’re looking for a partner who can concentrate on the day-to-day operations of your facilities so you can focus on your students’ higher education, we’re the smart choice. 

Our programs are customized to perfectly suit your situation and are flexible enough to quickly adapt if your requirements change.

Whether you need your cafeteria cleaned and maintained, your trashcans emptied, your lawns cut, or your mechanical systems serviced and maintained, our reliable and experienced team will get the job done. And since our employees will be thoroughly educated on your institute’s expectations of them, they’ll integrate quickly and seamlessly with the rest of your support staff.

Keep your college or university on the right track with facilities management services from Bristol. We’re ready to do our part in helping your students achieve their academic ambitions.

Your Benefits

  • Reduced administrative duties associated with managing your support staff
  • Customized programs tailored for your specific needs
  • Scalable services that will allow you to add more campuses if desired
  • Institution-specific training so our team will integrate into your system with ease
  • Efficiency-optimized logistical solutions based on the five principles of Lean management

Our Services

  • Completing daily custodial tasks inside and outside the classroom  
  • Maintaining your campus grounds, including playing fields and walkways
  • Servicing and maintaining mechanical systems.
  • Regular inspections to ensure your public spaces are safe and free of tripping hazards
  • Weekly and monthly state-of-the-account reports (SAR)s
  • Cafeteria cleaning and maintenance services

Why Do Higher Education Institutions Partner With Bristol Facilities?

When it comes to higher learning, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all education. Every student has a unique set of interests and degree requirements that dictate which courses are chosen each semester. At Bristol, we encourage our clients to take a similar approach when it comes to our services. That’s why we tailor our programs to suit their specific needs. You’ll be able to select the level of service you want and the duties to be performed. In addition to a customer-first approach to doing business, we place a strong emphasis on:

  • Productivity – Our experienced team of managers and specialists ensure our workflow is always optimized for maximum efficiency
  • Innovation – We’re constantly looking for ways to do things better than before, but only if they improve both the quality of our services and lowers costs. Doing just one isn’t good enough
  • Adaptability – A college campus is a dynamic force, constantly changing and growing. When your needs evolve, our services can evolve with them. Think of it as Darwinism for facilities management!  

What We Do For Universities

With tuition costs steadily rising, your students expect nothing less than an exceptional learning experience for their money. But with administrative and support costs also increasing, staying within your annual budget can be challenging.

At Bristol, we can help you streamline your facility management duties by not only providing the skilled workers you need to keep your campus up and running, but also assuming all payroll, scheduling, training, and other management duties associated with their employment.

We’ll keep your halls of higher learning spick and span so you can devote your time to providing a first-rate education for all those enrolled at your college or university.

Improving College Campuses

See why more and more colleges and universities are partnering with Bristol Facilities.

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