Facilities Management and Support Services

Facilities Management and Support Services

Bristol has a service excellence approach to Facilities Management with continuous innovation.

Facility Management Services and Integrating People, Places, Processes, and Productivity

Every organization has facilities management (FM) needs which underpin their core activities. For most companies, facilities management and property costs make up one of the top three areas of expense.

Managing facilities internally may not be a core competency and may represent a management headache with unwelcome distractions from main business functions.

And that’s where Bristol Facilities comes into the picture.

How Bristol Facilities Helps

At Bristol Facilities, we leverage our expertise and experience in many industries that we make readily available to other industries that we serve. Our personnel has a hybrid background of management and technical experience to meet your needs.

We integrate with your company. With your location, management, personnel, suppliers, and current operations, we aim to find solutions that work for you.

Partner with Bristol

Let us help you keep the overall performance of your workforce’s productivity on schedule

As your partner, Bristol assimilates with your onboarding processes and provides company buy-in from the first day.

Industries and Sectors We Support with Our FM Services

  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Property Management Companies
  • Education Institutions
  • Building and Property Maintenance
  • Repair and Maintenance Programs

Let’s strive together with controlled procedures and standardization to:

  • Improve overall operations.
  • Save time and money.
  • Make you competitive and a leader in your space.
  • Lower high-turnover positions.
  • Boost visitor satisfaction.
  • Increase workplace morale.

Our FM support services are designed to meet your unique business needs.

Bristol has a customer service first approach to Facilities Management. We couple continuous innovation and proactive actions that deliver superior and measurable results that will drive your business further. We ensure that your facility and personnel can operate at peak performance safely and cost-effectively.

Our FM services are driven by detailed service level agreements. The agreements are output driven specifications which are designed to deliver the quality of the work environment and service level that your business requires.

Numerous facility services are necessary for your facility to run optimally. Maintenance services must be performed on a continuous schedule throughout the year. 

With Bristol’s expertise and resources, you can effectively and measurably enhance not only the physical attributes but the overall performance of your facility, no matter how large or small.

Even the most complex environments with multiple facility services requirements your company will benefit from a partnership with Bristol. 

Call us with any questions, for information regarding our services, or to request a no obligation discovery session with one of our solution experts.

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