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At Bristol, we see technology as an investment and believe that it isn’t a replacement for people. Technology is here to enhance what we do daily.

We Tailor Technology To People, Not People To Technology

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Investments in human resource technologies and software are paramount to keep a business operating.

One of our goals here at Bristol is to create an environment where our expertise complements your business. We want to enhance your business with forward thinking and technological advancements.

Staying on the cutting edge of industry technology can be time-consuming for businesses that may not have the resources to dedicate to proper due diligence. Bristol is at the forefront of emerging industry advancements. We dedicate the time and resources to help your HR department concentrate on hiring for core business positions.

Regardless of technology trends, we will always believe that people come first.


Remember, it is the human mind that creates technology

(Not the other way around)

We consider technology an asset and use it as a value-added service. It is integrated into our daily workflows and overall systems to give you bottom-line growth.

However, technology isn’t everything. We believe human interaction is invaluable, and is another tool we use to reach our goals.

These are some of the many ways we combine humanity and industry technology to provide workforce solutions for our clients and partners.

Labor Planning
We increase productivity and efficiency with completed background checks, centralized recruiting, and streamlined payroll.
From our recruiters to our in-house HR department, we reduce manual processes and redundant systems for you. Our goal is to help you concentrate on providing exceptional services to your clients.
Remember, workforce planning technology isn’t just for warehousing or production. The same principles can be applied to other markets including healthcare and education.
Labor Scheduling
With our customized labor scheduling software, we hone in on our clients’ challenges with measurable KPI’s to bring the best solutions possible.
Scheduling capabilities, but not limited to:
  • Automated scheduling and communication
  • Current versus projected labor analysis with dynamic reports
  • Talent management and employee file management
Labor Management
Our labor management system is easy to use for our office personnel and account managers.
With color-coded visual cues, our managers are given early warning signs when creating schedules, managing accounts, and configurations.
We integrate with push notifications to personnel for schedule reminders eliminating the guesswork of changing schedules.
Labor Analytics
With lean principles and methodologies applied to your business, we can provide quality and integrate with existing systems with labor evaluations and solutions. This methodology delivers business and customer value with:
  • Bottom-line impact
  • Lead time and cost reductions
  • Operational efficiency and capacity

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